The snowy plains are silent once again; the painting of blood upon the land fades to white with the next snowfall and only the circling carrion eaters suggest that the slumbering earth was once churned by the chaos of battle.

To what purpose did they journey here? What sinister might lies in the artifacts they paid so dearly to obtain? And to what dark master did they report their failures and successes?

For now, you have the remains of the Winter to ponder these questions. Amalthea keeps you warm and comforted through these last cold months, and when the snow fades you must make your return to Bloodhollow and see what awaits you there.

Your squads are dispersed or fallen, but for all save two, the lands of your vigils are many miles away. No doubt word will soon reach Bloodhollow directing you to your home vigils. For those of the Metyrian, it is uncertain if you will be permitted to chase the mysteries uncovered in Amalthea beyond this Winter and it is equally uncertain if you and your companions shall ever cross paths again.

Your wanderings beyond Bloodhollow shall remain a secret until Spring, and with the melting snow and the brilliant splashing of flowers through the meadows you shall find your way. Will it be the path that Vesh has chosen for you or will you boldly forsake the established order and seek your own direction?

Now underway, the Bloodhollow and Beyond Campaign will occasionally be updated here on its home page. For convenience I will keep various links to help direct you to wiki pages of importance. Scarredlands racial abilities can be located on the PC Races wiki, and, Should it be needed, character generation information can be found  HERE .

If you seek information on your vigil or on any of the other vigils, you can access that on the list of the eleven Vigils of Vesh.

If you require information on any of the gods, their portfolios or domains, seek the Gods & Domains wiki , while news on your current or past vigil assignments or adventure synopsi can be located on their respective wiki pages.

Bloodhollow and Beyond - A Vigil of Vesh Campaign

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