From Bloodhollow to Calas – A lengthy journey filled with the perils of the wilds and the dangers of the civilized realms you are forced to move through. By way of the mighty Eni River, you have sailed into the Hegemony of Calastian territories, a likely death sentence to those wearing the amulets you carry at your throats. Such are the risks of a Vigil of Vesh.

So far the journey has been fraught with dangers and disease – from ghoul fever to the dreaded plague of Chern, Skullworms. Thankfully, you are beyond that dreaded portion of the trip – Tanil has shown you the path to move you onward, and you now leave the Eni's banks for the rolling farmlands of the Calas Roadway, reaching from Deriz to Calas. 

Now seated upon your trusty mounts, you must brave this lengthy overland route. Through midnight farmlands, rolling plains and rugged hills, you continue westward toward the setting sun and the lands of Hwyrdd's Promise where you hope the forsaken Necrotic Sphere can be found and retrieved.

Even as you travel toward that cursed artifact, you wonder who else seeks to claim it? Aeldraed, that wretched Morman, felt it was a certainty that his Merciless Overlord would send others to retrieve the prize he seeks. could these others possibly arrive at Calas ahead of you? Could this journey across the heart of the Hegemony all be for nothing? Such thoughts are constantly swirling in your brain and are constantly pushed back, and with every step you take toward the West, you try to believe that there is a purpose to your journey, that Tanil watches and favors your hunt above all others you have shared.

Now underway, the Bloodhollow and Beyond Campaign will occasionally be updated here on its home page. For convenience I will keep various links to help direct you to wiki pages of importance. Scarredlands racial abilities can be located on the PC Races wiki, and, Should it be needed, character generation information can be found  HERE .

If you seek information on your vigil or on any of the other vigils, you can access that on the list of the eleven Vigils of Vesh.

If you require information on any of the gods, their portfolios or domains, seek the Gods & Domains wiki , while news on your current or past vigil assignments or adventure synopsi can be located on their respective wiki pages.

Bloodhollow and Beyond - A Vigil of Vesh Campaign

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