Bloodhollow And Beyond

A long, harrowing journey has finally reached its end. Your journey has Encompassed almost the entire month of Enker starting from the morning that you bid farewell to Rika and the accommodations at the Piper's Glade. Your bold party has braved the treacherous wind and cold of the Canyon of Souls; you have crossed the Kelders during a time of year when most would not attempt to approach them. You arrived at the Vigilant Fortress of Bloodhollow and were given only a night of shelter before you, once more, were required to take to the road.

Your travels brought you north into the Amalthean Valley where you familiarized yourself with the good people of this region but were also alerted to its dangers. Bloody bandits, carnivorous plants, giant insects and marauding ogres were only some of the threats you eliminated along the way, though sadly, you lost one of your own in this fair valley.

It would seem that the rumors you heard during vigilant training at Bride Lake were no exaggerations – the life of a vigil is a life on the road; by joining the Vigils of Vesh you signed on for a life of hardship, foul weather, treacherous terrain and an open road always before you. Finally, your road ends in Amalthea – a once grand city that fell to ruin during the Druid Wars; a city of prideful people who speak with hope and longing of a return to their former glory; a people who point to the horizon and do not see a wild, forbidden valley, but see into the past and what was once the Empire of Amalthea, fallen during the Divine War.

To the Amalthean people and their patroness, Denev, leaving this valley or this mountain is never and has never been an option. When the empire crumbled and burned they retreated to the city. When the city fell to the destructive armies of Khet, they retreated to the mountain – and in short order began the construction of a new city – New Amalthea; a place where you will finally be able to rest your head for a few nights upon a dry and warm bed and under a solid roof. Through the bitter Winter that approaches menacingly, Amalthea will serve as your base camp, the place where your patrols will return; the place where shelter awaits and friendly faces welcome you with warmth and kindness. To a vigil of Vesh this is the closest thing you are likely to have to a home for some time. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Now underway, the Bloodhollow and Beyond Campaign will occasionally be updated here on its home page. For convenience I will keep various links to help direct you to wiki pages of importance. Scarredlands racial abilities can be located on the PC Races wiki, and, Should it be needed, character generation information can be found  HERE .

If you seek information on your vigil or on any of the other vigils, you can access that on the list of the eleven Vigils of Vesh.

If you require information on any of the gods, their portfolios or domains, seek the Gods & Domains wiki , while news on your current or past vigil assignments or adventure synopsi can be located on their respective wiki pages.

Bloodhollow and Beyond - A Vigil of Vesh Campaign

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