Bloodhollow and Beyond - A Vigil of Vesh Campaign



My name is Chutnik. Theodore is my human name. This is my tale of my Vigil training.

After departing from Falcon’s Hollow, Alton Ashworthy and I were intercepted by some passing Vigils. We were told to meet with several other Clukies for our next training mission.

I wont go into our last. It was your typical dilemma concerning a lumber baron, an epidemic disease, and finances. As such, I will not bore you with the minutia.

I will elaborate on Alton. He is a fair haired Halfling. He is a more than competent sorcerer. And he is also a rambunctious rascal. If it were another, I might say he was somewhat of a trouble maker. Even on the rare occasion his antics  may incite a thinning of ones patience, you get a glimmer of the joy these harmless incidents bring him and must grin. He is so darn likeable!

We were go to an old rustic inn to meet up with numbers three and four of our training quintet. I looked forward to the travel. It was a chance to actually serve Tanil, and thus helping those in need. To put our training to the test. And to rejoin with Elian Windsong. He is a very attractive Elven ranger. He is in my opinion the most ready to be a Vigil. His sense of strategy seems to be almost instinctive, although at time he can be a wee bit presumptuous.


I know you’re not finished with this, but I’m giving you a hero point for posting an adventure log; you now have two. Thanks.


Thanks dude.


When Alton and I get to the pleasant and rustic inn I discover that my brother is to join with us. I have mixed feelings about this, but overall would wish it not so.

Sigh. Skorn is a natural warrior. He is the courageous to the point of heroic. He is both strong and a staunch alley, He is trustworthy and very honorable. He will be a huge asset serving Tanil and the Vigils. And sadly he is a strong reminder of the worst time in my life. I am very self aware, and know as unfair as it is to him, I associate him with those times. Until I am strong enough to move beyond the past we will never be close.


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