Bloodhollow and Beyond - A Vigil of Vesh Campaign

Buddy squad first mission

I Kraldug and buddy squad Vigils asked get bad guy smarty ha! All stupidheads but brave buddy squad take mission. I Kraldug and buddy Mc Geger took front let noisy buddy's hold still so can sneak head then bring buddy's front. Found hole with plants and rope. I Kraldug bravely go in hole there danger bone men attack Kraldug but not specked Splat ha! I Kraldug bring Splat bear for attack I see many bone men so rush bone men in hallway if bring down keep I Kraldug from many fight once. Buddy squad see happen and Mc Geger leap in hole to help I Kraldug. He find self caught many fight. Buddy friend Shorkn draw bow and fire air stick at bone men buddy friend chubnick draw Taaanil power to hurt bone men buddy friend Alton use finger magic. Fight tough but Buddy squad tougherer. 

Next day scout maneater men with barkfaces watch go through gate later come eyeball goblins on spiders with bearbug men I Kraldug see bearbug chase I Kraldug when come Amathee bearbug should went home cause turn table now ha! We wait them go far from gate place then almost sneak them I Kraldug not say who sqeeky person was but jig up now Splat go work. Splat spiders Splat eyeball goblins and bearbug but I Kraldug Splatmaster  Splat smarty bearbug bludgeoner style keep live maybe give to Sex Beast ha!! 

Bring bearbug back to Amathee they get talk maybe Sex Beast get next one ha!!




Nice job Kraldug!

Buddy squad first mission

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