Bloodhollow and Beyond - A Vigil of Vesh Campaign

Canyon of Souls - Where it Begins

The sight before you is awe-inspiring yet frightening at the same time. Beyond you stretches not just a canyon, but a maze of canyons great and small. Jagged pathways, natural, but twisted stone bridges, gaping holes in the earth and an empty openness as far as the eye can see. As if witnessing this miracle with your eyes was a cue, the winds rise to greet you like a cold and blustery wall.

The chill in the air reminds you that you have been climbing upward for the last two days, these canyons exist among the lower peaks of the mighty Kelder Mountains; to the North and South of this wind-swept canyonland can be seen the purplish blue rise of the Kelders themselves, at this elevation no trees grow upon the mountain sides and a year-round blanket of snow coats the rocky surfaces not much higher than where you now stand. Of course in the canyons themselves nothing grows due to the constant blasting of these winds.

Your soft-spoken windwalker guide, Xanvi, watches your faces as you gaze out over the trail that lies before you. He silently points to the distant horizon to the north and you notice after following his finger that he is showing the distant specks of mighty birds of prey circling the higher Kelder peaks. His finger then points to the sky directly to the west of you; it takes some time after seeing nothing but clouds in a cold, gray sky to realize that he is pointing to the nothingness. No birds brave the skies above the canyon of souls – the wind is a constant, merciless presence.


The guide gathers close to you and, surprisingly, his voice is clear and carries over the wind, which he has obviously grown used to battling over the many years.

“Caution young friends. Caution is the way of the wise. The canyons are a living and hostile being. The wind, it is her breath. The rain, it is her drink and foolhardy explorers, they are her supper.” He gives a crooked smile, claps you on the back then speaks a prayer of guidance and good fortune to Enkili as he takes his first steps forward. He maintains this nonsensical and repetitive prayer for the first several miles of your journey.



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