Butcher is a blocky and thick horse with a moose-like snout, saggy ears and a dirty brown and white coloration


A powerful draft horse with moose-like features that has been armored and trained for battle. This animal is fierce, fiery and seems to be in a bad disposition whenever his rider is absent. He is easily recognizable due to the brackish brown and dirty white coloration of his fur and the razor-like brown mane that stretches down its thick, powerful neck.


Butcher has been the mount of the well-known Semanye Vigil lieutenant Ilum for many years, it is said that the pair have ridden from one end of the continent to the other more times than can be tallied.
There seems to be a very close bond between the unusually ugly horse and equally unsightly half-orc and both seem to have an odd gait in their stride when moving while the vigilant is not mounted upon his steed. When Ilum is in the saddle, however, the pair move as a single unit and might even be called graceful were they not both so lumbering, imposing and huge.


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