A powerfully built canine with a thick coat of white fure and black around the face.


Standing roughly 4 feet tall at the shoulders, Crook moves deceptively fast for an animal with such short legs. The young, battle-trained riding dog is a solid mass of muscle and energy beneath the snowy coat of white fur, a common characteristic among his breed. Crook’s line of sheep dogs were raised among a halfling family of shepherds going on eight generations. These two families of dogs and halfling are said to have formed a very strong bond with the sheep dogs serving as guardians of the flock as well as mounts on occasion.

So reluctant was this family to part with one of their dogs, the Metyrian vigilant, Esyllt, is said to have paid the steep price of 230 gold coins to purchase Crook as a pup. Esyllt checks in with the family often, showing them that their pup is still alive and well despite having carried his rider through some harrowing situations. Burned into the leather of Crook’s war saddle and bridle are the images of a shepherd’s crook.


Almalthean sheep dog are known for their hardiness and their fierce sense of loyalty. For generations the shepherds of Amalthea have walked the grassy valley and the Kelder foothills side by side with these loyal dogs; the breed became cherished and adored by all Amaltheans during the Druid War when the dogs were used to find lost squads of soldiers in blizzards and guide them to safety or to deliver messages to isolated camps and towns through the coldest of Winter conditions.


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