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  • Asim Kahlir

    Asim is a Zathiskan by birth, he underwent his combat training in Zathiske's well-renowned Headsman's school. Asim has only recently arrived in Amalthea and is shocked by the cold of his first Winter here in the North. He covers his traditional Elzan and …

  • Doongong, speaker of Moonspring

    As speaker of Moonspring, Doongong guides and directs that orcish community; he is highly respected by his people and has earned a favorable reputation from the elves of the Ganjus and the druids of Amalthea.

  • Old Colbhach

    Olde Colbach is beginning to garner a reputation as a trouble-maker among officials of Amalthea. He speaks loudly and openly about his opinions concerning the current troubles and has even gone so far as to rouse the Vigils of Vesh during the night and …

  • Ffenjalo, Halls of Enlightenment Collaborator

    A serpentine humanoid with light green scales that fade to pale yellow at his chest. He has small spines along the crest of his head and down the length of his sinuous tail. Ffenjalo is the mentor of the half-elven illusionist, Guldami, among other …

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