Bloodhollow and Beyond - A Vigil of Vesh Campaign

Completed Adventure Synopsi


Report to Bloodhollow for Vigil assignments

Start Date: 1 Enker, 149AV (March 26, 2017)

Path to adventure: Given permanent squad assignment; the vigilants have been ordered to report to the Vigil fortress of Bloodhollow to join their squads.

Objective: Traverse the canyon of souls before the start of Winter. Deliver supplies and Ilum's mount, Butcher to Bloodhollow safely.

Abridgment: The party and their guide completed a remarkably short seven day crossing of the Canyon of Souls. They faced many harrowing obstacles including the harsh wind, weather and a few dangerous denizens of the canyonlands. With the crossing a complete success, they ventured onward from West Ontenazu, travelling 50 miles south to the Vigil fort of Bloodhollow.

Notable persons: Xanvi – Ontenazu canyon guide (known as Windwalkers); Butcher – Moose-nosed war horse of Vigilant Lieutenant Ilum; Bors Ritteltap – Housemaster, inn keeper at Piper's Glade in Rika.

Notable events: Defeated a large hissing centipede during first night of journey; struggled through the bitter cold of the Kelders; defeated a hungry cave fisher; crossed featherweb bridge while being harassed by air elementals.

Casualties: None

Success/failure: Success.

Rendez-vous with squad, deliver mounts to amalthea

Start date: 11 Enker, 149AV

Path to adventure: Informed that your squads are currently assisting the city-state of Amalthea, strongly urged to join them.

Objective: Safely traverse the Southern Amalthean Valley from Bloodhollow to the city of Amalthea. Join and reinforce your vigil squads and deliver healthy mounts to Semanye squad re-routed to Amalthea from Ganjus.

Abridgment: Shortly after a brief meeting with the merchant Mashbone, the party was ambushed by bandits of the Bloody Abbess outlaw gang. They were able to rescue Mashbone and receive 200 gp credit at his depot in Amalthea. Defeated yellow musk creeper & zombies and slayed a marauding troll, but not before he shattered Elian's skull with a powerful blow from his great club. The rest arrived safely in Amalthea where your vigil squads wait for you to join them. Alton will be temporarily joining the Beltanian squad until routes open to Durrover after the Winter.

Notable persons: Metyrian Vigil Commander Nytheera Oskial commands Bloodhollow and the Metyrian Vigil; Vigil Lieutenant Emi Khordad 2nd in command at Bloodhollow, oversees the fort's infirmary; Oddermund Mashbone Amalthea-based merchant, party briefly met him at Shepherd's Hold, then rescued him from bandits the following day.

Notable events: Arrive at Bloodhollow, get acquainted with mounts they will be riding, depart for Amalthea. Ambushed by members of the Bloody Abbess Society, party discovers bandits have slain one and abducted two (the cook/laundress Eden and the caravan guard Worril).

Casualties: Probationary Vigilant Elian Windsong

Success/failure: Group arrived in a reasonably short time, mounts were safe and uninjured when handed over to Semanye squad.

Investigate Spider-eye goblins in Kelder foothills

Start Date: 7 Taner, 149 AV

Reported by Probationary Vigil, Skorn Krovayy

Path to adventure: Amalthean war council seeks information on gathered spider-eye goblins.

Objective: Locate the Spider-eye goblin strong hold known as the Pit. Asses the number of Spider-eye goblins posing a threat to the area.  Gather as much information about the contents of the Pit.

Abridgment: After a few days into the journey, a small group of Spider-eye  goblins were discovered with a female human being held against her will.  The Vigils decided to trail the gobiniods until they made camp.   A rescue attempt was launched.  All but one spider-eye goblin were slain.  The last was knocked unconscious and "left for dead" so the group could follow it back to the Pit. 

The ruse was successful.  Having discovered the Pit, Squad leader Voclain ordered probationary Vigils Krovayy and Ashworthy to remain behind while the remaining Squad attempted to enter the Pit through a series of secondary caves Ashworthy had uncovered via a spell.  

Krovayy and Ashworthy observe do the matriarch of the Spider-eye goblins,  and noted supplies being loaded onto carts and being hauled out to the west (the only initial direction they could travel).

An alarm was raised within the Pit and a messenger bird flew out of the Pit with a message attached. (See attached note) 

Knowing that Voclain, Jennan, and Ryvian, were at least captured and possibly dead, Krovayy and Ashworthy retreated as ordered, hoping to gather forces and return to discover the truth about their comrades fates. 

Notable persons: The first Beltanian squad: Vigil corporal Prospus voclain, Vigilant Liriel Jennan, Probationary Vigil Skorn Krovayy, Vigilant Ryvian, Probationary Vigil Alton Ashworthy

Notable events: Rescuing the human female, and returning her to safety.  The discovery of the Pit and the possible connection to a larger assault being conducted in the area.  The discovery of a fissure alongside the roof of the Pit  that is weak enough to possibly exploit  to the advantage of the Vigils.

Casualties: Vigils Voclain, Jennan and Ryvian possibly captured or killed.

Success/failure: Success

Mounted scouting foray to the banks of Chendero River

start date: 7 Taner 149 AV

(Waiting for Mack Gregor to fill out)

Path to adventure: Amalthean war council seeks advance warning of enemy encroachment, the mounted vigil is being called on to get this intelligence.



Notable persons: Metyrian Squad: Vigil-lieutenant Illum (Butcher), Vigil corporal Alorielle Edringar (Byrn), Probationary vigil Mack Gregor Hunden), Vigilant Esyllt (Crook), Vigilant Oblivian Gray (Popskull), Vigilant Giania Bonnerod (Harper)

Notable events:



Patrol Ramshorn River and monitor Ramshorn Bridge

Start date: 7 Taner, 149 AV

(Waiting for Chutnik to fill out)

Path to adventure: Amalthean war council wishes to alert friendly communities of coming danger, but priority is to monitor Ramshorn Bridge and report on activity at said bridge.



Notable persons: Acernoth Vigil: Vigil corporal Alladine Gossenite, Probationary vigil Chutnik, Vigilant Gwygan Werfosemar, Vigilant Lyndolian Derra,

Notable events:



Maintain Vigilant presence in Summer's Grove

start date: 7 Taner, 149 AV

Reported by Pursuviant Firenni Aellan

Path to adventure: Amalthean war council wants a line of communication kept open, they are sending the second Beltanian squad to Summer's Grove for this purpose.

Objective: One stationary vigil so that all parties will have some means of getting in touch with others. The second Beltanian squad will gather information from other squads and report to Amalthea and will be prepared to lend assistance to other squads in need.

Summer's Grove is to be a fall-back and rendez-vous point for all Vigils north of the Grove.

Abridgment: As a fall-back point we succeeded, survivors of the other decimated vigil squads retreated to our positions and together, we rallied a counter-attack against the filth that has claimed the lives of so many brave Vigilants. We have acknowledged the existence of at least two insignias or seperate factions – the worgs who sport a scarred "X" upon their left shoulder and the humanoids and goblinoids who uniformly wear leather cords around their neck decorated with chunks of stone-work, glass shards and bone fragments. What these signify we do not yet know. As a unified force, eight vigils assaulted the supply caravan of these titan-spawn forces. We claimed the lives of 3 worgs, 3 bugbears, 8 Khirdetan cannibals and a half dozen of their fleshy mastiffs. We claimed several tons of sundries and live stock as well as winning back mounts stolen from slain vigils. Curiously, some manner of elephantile beast pulled the heaviest of these carts and will be returned to Amalthea with the live stock.

MY corporeal, Chantal levesque, has determined that our second Beltanian squad will travel due west, escorting hostages and slaves rescued from the titan-spawn force, into the hopeful safety of the ganjus Forest and her elven inhabitants.

Notable persons: Second Beltanian squad: Vigil corporal Chantal Levesque, Vigilant Nijen Farial, Vigilant Firenni Aellan, Chutnik, KRaldug, Skorn, Alton, Mack Gregor

Notable events: Gathered surviving vigils; Sacked supply caravan, slaying many foes and dispersing their needed food and equipment; departing with fellow Vigils as they return to Amalthea and we strike out for the Ganjus.

Casualties: Zero

Success/failure: In Tanil's name we strike a resounding success and a satisfying pay-back against our foes; but the lives we took today will not make up for the Vigilants lost in this bloody Winter.



Thanks Josh, nicely done filling out the 1st Beltanian squad’s synopsis (+1 hero point). I had the Inquisitor fill out the report for the Second Beltanian Squad. We still need Mack Gregor to fill in the Metyrian report and Chutnik to handle the Acernoth report.

Completed Adventure Synopsi

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