Bloodhollow and Beyond - A Vigil of Vesh Campaign


Transfer Supplies to Almathia, Report known events to Almathia

Start Date: ???, 149 AV

Reported by Probationary Vigil, Skorn Krovayy

Path to adventure: After splitting up the goods taken from the supply train, Probationary Vigils, Skorn, Chutnik, Kruldug, Macgregor, and Alton travel to Amalthia, attempting to avoid the combined army of human barbarians, worgs and Bug Bears. 

Objective: Get extra supplies to Amalthia.  Give much needed information to Amalthia.

Abridgment: Travel was uneventful. We discovered three commoners in need to assistance.  We allowed them to travel with us. We had a minor scrap with undead during one evening.  Then upon gaining sight of the road leading into the woods surrounding the base of the Almathian Moutain, a small fire was spotted by the scout Kruldug.We determined that we should continue on our path.  We were shortly waved down by a female.  She claimed many things, of most import was her having been kicked out of Amalthia.  We agreed to follow her to her camp, inform her on the current events in the area.  Before hand we took the supplies and the villagers and mounts some mile away, then made our way on foot to her camp.  It was of course a tramp.  One large Worg, a few barbarians and their hounds were there to greet us.

We were victorious.  I personally dispatched the female bard who had betrayed us.  I removed her head and placed it upon a stick.  

A clear set of tracks lead from the camp site, and towards the wooded base of the Mountain.  Kruldug decided it was important to scout ahead.  We agreed it would be helpful, but as he was the skilled tracker and quietest member known to our group, he insisted to go alone.  Several hours later, we made note he had probably been discovered and killed or captured.  Shortly after he returned.  He reported on following the trail and a run in with bugbears.  

We decided to move on before more returned as the head I had removed and those we slew had been discovered.  We arrived at the gates of Amalthia.  After debriefing, we have gained the information that the forces that have aligned against the city is too small to pose a real threat.  Instead it is believed they are seeking something in the old cities ruins.

Weary from the road, we have given our full reports, and begin to prepare for what lies ahead.  

Notable persons: Probationary Vigil Chutnik, Probationary Vigil Alton, Probationary Vigil Macgregor, Probationary Vigil Skorn, Probationary Vigil Kruldug.

Notable events: Discovering the commoners and assisting them to Amalthia.  Ambushed by look outs, and surviving the ambush.  Arriving at Amalthia.  

Casualties: None

Success/failure: Success


Thanks dude, nicely done.


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