Bloodhollow and Beyond - A Vigil of Vesh Campaign

Buddy squad 2nd mission

Our group of Vigils in training were asked to slow down the seeming never ending supply of Spider-eye Goblins. We were transformed into eagles (flying is AMAZING!!!) to get to the old Dwarven fortress they were apparently now manifesting out of.  It was easier than anticipated. Tanil has indeed shown us favor! We had several small battles with the Goblins, were fortunate enough to stumble across our objective rather quickly. A thunder bundle levitated into a large fissure in the spider nursery set a collapse of the tunnels which was allowing the Goblins underground access to this neck of the woods.  

As a side note, we were also able to acquire some of the spider eggs for some wizard in the city. His protege assisted us. She was a very competent illusionist and an elite crossbowman.   He was a little weird, but paid in magic scrolls. 

Theodore Chutnik, Priest of Tanil and Vigil initiate





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