Bloodhollow and Beyond - A Vigil of Vesh Campaign

Chuchuk the Misguided (bandit-soldier)

I had a short spell as a highwayman and robber. I taught myself the error of my ways. I made an effort to be a good member of my community. A military official spoke to me. I learned about the ranks of orcish defenders and I was curious. I signed on almost instantly. At first recruitment I was fed stories of glory. I like the  ideas of making the kingdom safe and strong. I was eager to help make that happen.

It has been many months since I was sent to Fort Vinous. I find this place filled with bullies who take from the people. It all starts from the top. Commander Dagruk takes more than all. It is easy to see why the soldiers act and abuse as they do.

I could have reported this. Rather, I reverted back to what I knew best. I surrendered myself to a ring of suspected halfling smugglers and rogues. I told them how the fort's soldiers were no better than bandits themselves. I assured them that their illegal actions could be done more successfully by targeting the fort, not the halflings of Vineroost. I agreed to help. I supplied information on supplies coming and going from Vinous. Later I started taking part in raids on supply wagons. In exchange, these bandits returned much money to the people of Vineroost. In this way, I repay the village what Dagruk has stolen.

Supply caravans carry all manner of goods to the fort. Bandits now target these supply trains and even small groups of soldiers. Commander Dagruk grows more determined to stop these bandits. Lost supplies are putting a drain on his coffers. The fort bleeds more gold than they have been stealing from the community.

I know these efforts cannot go on for too much longer. Wise halflings of Vineroost have sent alder folk to Calas to speak of Dagruk's taxes and reprisals. It is a matter of time before Dagruk and his officers are put down like rabid dogs. A true leadership will rise in this place and I can return to my soldiering.  The lands will be safe again. The people will be happy. The Hegemony will prosper and flourish.



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