Civilian Population: (Village) 150 – Vigil strength: 300 (with less than 40 vigilants manning the fort at any given time)
Government: Military hierarchy
Ruler: Nytheera Oskial (human female vigilant)
Language: Veshian
Religion: Tanil, Madriel


Situated in a scenic mountain valley just North of Denev's Aquifer, Bloodhollow is a small community built around the long-standing Vigil of Vesh fortress of Bloodhollow. Of the non-military personnel, many are family members or fast friends of the Vigilants or they are long-serving folk who have lived at Bloodhollow since its founding nearly forty years ago and now consider it as much home as Vesh. To the man, these people are true and honorable and their loyalty to the Metyrian Vigil and to Vesh is as steadfast as that of the Vigilants themselves.

Stablers, smithies, craftsman, cooks and other trained or untrained folk who one might find accompanying a bevy of soldiers can be found here at Bloodhollow. There is little in the way of luxury; the vigilants are far more concerned with seeing to the needs of themselves and their mounts. Equipment for soldiers, particularly cavalry soldiers is easy to come by but beyond this services will be noticeably lacking. Of the few spellcasters who dwell or are stationed within the fort or surrounding community, their services are primarily reserved for the benefit of the Vigilants. Most of these spell-slingers have been oficially initiated into the Metyrian Vigil, and those who have not are seen as honorary Vigilants by the Metyrians.

Within the walled interior of Bloodhollow is a small inn catering to visiting vigilants or the small number of merchants the vigils trust enough to allow entry. This inn, the Roughrider, serves average quality meals, good quality beverages and serves up cold, pure water carted from Denev's Aquifer.

Bloodhollow has the following items for sale to Vigilants:

arcane Scroll: Cat's grace, gust of wind, scorching ray (675 gp);

wand of bless (750 gp)

potion resistance (25 gp)

divine scroll: remove fear, chill metal (175 gp)

heavy steel shield +1 – battered and worn shield painted with an emblem of 2-headed wolf (unknown origin) (1,175 gp)

wand of levitate (4,500 gp)



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