Eni River

Eni River


The mighty Eni River is the longest flowing body of water in Ghelspad, reaching from the heights of Adurn’s Tear and Lake Vashon to the delta of the Blossoming Sea. The northern arm of the river divides New Venir from Lageni and keeps the vermin of the Blood Steppes from the southern regions of the Kelders. The southeastern arm of the Eni defines most of the border between Calastia and Lageni, while the southern route combines the flow of the two tributaries, emerging from Geleeda’s Grove to form the border between Ankila and Calastia.

Northern Branch River Ports: While there are numerous small villages that ply the waters of the Eni for fishing and other resources, listed below are the larger or more notable ports pertaining to the Vigils of vesh.

Fort Treviak: Northernmost fort in Lageni, watches the Blood Steppes and also serves as stopping point for soldiers and supplies bound for Rustfang, the Irontooth Pass and the Durrover campaign. This small fort is developing into a bustling town thanks to the duke's ongoing campaign against Burok-Torn and Durrover. The fort is generally run by one of Duke Treviak's generals and often houses a unit of dragoons on top of the fort's common garrison of soldiers.

Kassel Downs: A small post for supplies, trade and boat repair. Kassel Downs is run by the New-Venirian Mirt Kassel, his small family and a few hired hands from Deriz. Mirt allows ships to remain at his docks for extended periods of time often watching over ships through the hostile Winter months. Vigils have, on occasion left river vessels with Mirt without incident or complication. This is where your squad is to store your ship.

Deriz: One of New Venir's largest cities, Deriz is the hub of all river trade  north of the Eni's split. It caters to adventurers, traders, soldiers and fishermen. Large numbers of troops from Calastia, Lageni and New Venir pass through Deriz and often the mingling of soldiers from such proud nations lead to friction and conflict. Most citizens pay soldiers a wide berth and it is recommended that any vigilants do the same. While New Venir does not have an active bounty of vigilant medallions, Calastia and Lageni do and the presence of their soldiers makes this a dangerous city for vigils.

Western Branch:

Eastern Branch:


Eni River

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