Assigned Vigils

By now some of you have received e-mails informing you as to which Vigil you have been assigned to and more information on that Vigil. I am placing that information here for you, though most of it can already be viewed on the Vigils of Vesh wiki page. If what is  posted here differs from the e-mail, use this as the accurate information, sorry about any confusion.

All of you at some point within the last month completed your vigil training and have been accepted into the Vigils of Vesh. In some of your cases, you barely passed training, and you have likely been strongly encouraged to improve on your wilderness skills – the deficiencies have been overlooked because you brought something of great use to the table, likely spell casting, healing or potent battle prowess.

During training you were quartered at various locations in the small city of Bride Lake; Bride Lake (marked in orange on the map of Vesh below) is the now bustling community that has grown around Vigil Watch Fortress, home to both the Beltanian Vigil (The first and original vigil) and the headquarters of the Vigils of Vesh as a whole. It is here where all vigilant information will eventually end up, where it can be sifted through and passed on to the ruler of Vesh, Home Commander Kelemis Durn in the capital of Lave.

As of now you all have been granted probationary vigilant status; you have been assigned to a vigil and will be allowed to accompany routine, low-level missions. A vigil of at least lieutenant rank within your vigil will determine after as many as six of these low-level missions if you are to be accepted as a full Vigil of Vesh – at such a time you will be ready for full membership and will be issued a vigil medallion symbolizing your bond with the vigils.

You are all starting with a Vigilant's field kit which consists of the following:

  • Player's choice of one outfit (traveler, explorer or cold weather)
  • Masterwork Backpack (4lb/ 1lb for small character): This backpack has numerous pockets for storing items that might be needed while adventuring. Hooks are included for attaching items such as canteens, pouches, or even a rolled-up blanket. It has padded bands that strap across the chest and the waist to distribute its weight more evenly. Like a common backpack, it can hold about 2 cubic feet of material in its main container. When wearing a masterwork backpack, treat your Strength score as +1 higher than normal when calculating your carrying capacity.
  • bedroll (5/ 2.5 for small characters)
  • belt pouch (.5/ .25 for small characters)
  • flint and steel -
  • iron pot (4/ 2 for small characters)
  • mess kit (1/ .5 for small characters)
  • 50 ft. rope (10)
  • 10 torches (1lb per)
  • 5 days trail rations (1lb per – .25 lb per for small character)
  • waterskin (4lbs/ 2 for small characters – full)


Alton Ashworthy, halfling sorcerer


Vigil: Semanye Vigil

Symbol: shivitsk blade – a rugged species of grass found only in the Durrovian highlands

Location: Durrover

Headquarters: Durrover

Leader: Drax Mora

Temporary squad leader: Corporal Prospus Voclain (Beltanian Vigil – human male)

Recent assignment:Having completed Vigilant training, Alton has been asked to remain a few days extra at Bride Lake, where he underwent his lengthy training regiment. After these days of waiting he was informed that he has been given probationary Vigilant status. This is not a punishment, all recruits who pass training serve as probationary vigilants for an unknown term.

Alton has been assigned to the Semanye Vigil, also known as the Durrover Vigil. Due to the distance between Durrover and Vesh and due to the dangerous and hostile terrain one would need to travel through to reach Durrover, Alton will be escorted by an outward bound squad of other probationary vigils (the party) to the Vigil fortification of Bloodhollow, headquarters of the Metyrian Vigil. Alton will remain at Bloodhollow and will be assigned toa  temporary Beltanian squad until an escort can be found to bring him to Durrover or until Nytheera Oskial, who leads the Metyrian Vigil, decides he is best suited elsewhere. Corporal Voclain, who awaits Alton's arrival at bloodhollow, should have the required papers detailing his transfer to the semanye Vigil.
The journey west entails crossing the Kelder Mountain range via the canyon-lands of Ontenazu which is the only suitable crossing point since Irontooth Pass is held by the Calastian Hegemony. Because the journey through the canyon lands is always fraught with peril this time of the year (end of Autumn), the canyon guides of that land wish to make as few trips as possible, so they will simultaneously be escorting a group of five probationary vigilants at once. Alton has been ordered to the city of Rika in western Vesh where a room awaits him at Piper's Glade, an inn on the outskirts of that city. It is here where he will meet with his fellow probationary vigils and prepare for the journey to Bloodhollow.


Elian Windsong, elven ranger

Vigil: Ganjus Vigil (Petals of the blue tavistia flower)

Location: Ganjus Forest

Headquarters: Vera-Tre

Leader: Andrus Kheltarion

Temporary squad leader: Corporal Chantal Levesque (female, half-elf)

Recent assignment: Elian has been placed temporarily with a platoon of the Beltanian Vigil who await his arrival at the Vigil fortress at Bloodhollow, west of the Kelder mountain range. From Bloodhollow transport will be made available to the elven city of Vera-Tre where he will present papers instructing his inclusion in the Ganjus Vigil. Elian has been assigned to the city of Rika where he awaits fellow vigilst o mae the journey west with him. With Winter fast approaching he has been urged to make the journey across the Kelders quickly, as the mountain pass at the canyon-lands of Ontenazu is often impassable when winter sets in. A bed awaits him at Piper's Glade as do further instructions.

Elian has been placed in charge of a small cart drawn by a feisty mule named Ricard, supplies bound for Bloodhollow are to be picked up at the city of East ontenazu, which perches on the windy canyon of souls – the chosen route to bring him across the mighty Kelders. Between Rika and the canyon of souls is a small Coreanic monastery, the sisterhood of the sword; the sisters have several casks of their finest thati s also to be delivered to the vigilants at Bloodhollow.


Chutnik, orc cleric of Tanil

Vigil: Acernoth Vigil (caterpillar)

Location: Acernoth Delta, Mourning Marshes

Headquarters: Riverrock (marked in brown on the map of Vesh above)

Leader: Kinthas Ardente

Squad leader: Alladine Gossenite (female dwarf)

Recent assignment: Having spent the last month sequestered in towns or forts bordering the Mourining Marshes and doing little save healing injured Vigils and citizens, Chutnik has now been assigned to a small squad of Vigils thath ave been sent west to provide assistance to the Metyrian Vigil at Bloodhollow; more will be known as to the situation when he arrives. Transportation has been provided to bring him to the Veshian city of Rika where lodging and food will be  provided while he awaits fellow probationaries who will make the trip west with him.

Skorn krovayy, orc fighter

Vigil: Beltanian Vigil (fly)

Location: Northeast Vesh

Headquarters: Bride Lake

Leader: Dareatha Keloi

Squad leader: Corporal Prospus Voclain

Recent assignment: As is standard for vigils of the Beltanian Vigil, your squad is being used to reinforce another vigil who is either short on man power or facing a crisis of some sort. Your squad was deployed to Bloodhollow over a month ago; you are to journey to Bloodhollow and report to your squad leader, you will be escorting a temporary member of your squad, a sorcerer named Ashworthy, and you will also be traveling with other probationary vigilants who have recently been assigned to Bloodhollow. Little has been told concerning the status of the Metyrian Vigil or their region west of the Kelder Mountains, you will likely be briefed in full upon arrival.

You are to await these other probationaries at Piper's Glade where the inn-keeper, Bors Ritteltap, has reserved a cot for you. You have a grueling task ahead of you – crossing the Kelders via the canyon of souls – you are strongly urged to be prepared for this journey.

John-O, halfling cavalier

Vigil: Semanye Vigil (Wild Wheat)

Location: west of the Kelders

Headquarters: Bloodhollow


Squad leader:

Recent assignment: You were initially going to cross the kelders witht he others to join your squad at Bloodhollow, but since you can't make the session and have not got your character on the OP, we'll just say that you made the journey earlier in the year. Because you are of the Metyrian Vigil and Bloodhollow is your vigilant headquarter this works out fine. I'll give you more information on your squad via e-mail.

Assigned Vigils

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