Character Creation

Player characters can be of any good alignment plus Neutral and Lawful Neutral.

Player characters may follow any non-evil deity. Some deities, though not evil, may be treated with suspicion or contempt even among the Vigils (Drenadari and Idra – to a lesser extent Enkili and Hedrada).

Some non-evil deities will have very few followers and support among the Vigils and therefore clerics of these deities will very rarely find the means of serving their churches or their faithful through the course of this campaign. (Drendari, Goran, Manawe, Nemorga and possibly even Hedrada to a smaller degree).

Druids will worship Denev, of course.

A list of all Scarred Lands Gods, their portfolios and domains can be found on the Gods and Domains wiki page.

Stats will be rolled together or in front of me if someone doesn't want to wait. Stats will be generated by rolling 3d6 eight times and choosing the best six rolls out of these. You may re-roll all 1's.

Available races can be found on the Races of Ghelspad wiki page, if you wish to play a half-elf or half-orc speak with me.

Starting money is standard per the core rule book; regardless of dice rolls, no character will start with less money than the median for their class.

Before making characters it would be a good idea to read and be familiar with the nation of Vesh, the Vigils of Vesh and the Vigilant Oaths – all of these things should be a factor in the type of character you create.

Pathfinder books I am allowing for this campaign are mentioned in the Races of Ghelspad wiki (link provided above).

Character background: Whatever race you are, whatever desperate times and troubles your homeland is experiencing, your background needs to show that your character's primary focus is Vesh and the well being of Vesh and her citizens. A Burok Torn dwarf concerned primarily with that city will not work for this campaign, a Durrovian Highlander who only worries about saving Durrover will not work for this campaign – you can have backgrounds that include loyalties to other places and still have a desire to help your homeland, but to become a vigilant is to become a citizen of Vesh and you are a vigilant for life. Your background should make it obvious that Vesh is your home and your number one priority; the simplest way would be to make your character a Veshian by birth – that nation houses every race in the book though there is still some lingering animosity toward some of the redeemed races. But whatever land is the place of your birth, its plight needs to have taken a back seat to the plight of Vesh.

You all will have undergone training to become a Vigil of Vesh, such training takes place at Bride Lake within Vesh (home of the Beltanian Vigil); this training generally takes from 3 months to a year depending upon your experience and skills you possessed before training. Keep the training period in mind when you flush out your background and I will likely assume you have spent as long as a year with your current Vigil (whichever Vigil you decide to join). It is likely you were assigned to your Vigil and had no say in the matter, but I am giving PCs the option of choosing their Vigil, though your characters were likely assigned to the Vigil that the Home Command thought you were best suited for. If it doesn't matter to you which Vigil you are a part of you can roll randomly or let me assign you to a Vigil that will be most convenient for my storytelling purposes.



Character Creation

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