Gods And Domains

Gods & Domains

Primary Deities Alignment Portfolio

Domains (subdomains)

Weapon Symbol
Belsameth NE Lycanthropy, moon,
murder, night, madness,
Darkness (night), Death (murder), Evil (daemon),
Madness (nightmare), Magic,
Trickery (deception)
Dagger, short sword A tiny silver circle
bound by a larger
silver circle, against a
black backdrop
Chardun LE Conquest, dominion,
pain, rulership,
undead, war
Charm, Death (undead), Evil (devil),
Law (devil), Nobility (leadership), War (tactics)
Morningstar, warscepter A bloody golden warscepter
with a thorny
wreath on its head
Corean LG Chivalry, flame,
guardianship, smithing,
Artifice, Fire, Glory (heroism, honor),
Good (archon), Law (archon), Protection (defense, purity)
Longsword, greatsword The “Fourfold Sword”:
four swords joined
at the pommel, like
compass points
Denev N Growth, plants, nature,
the firmament
* Scimitar, sickle A stone sickle with
flowers or leaves
growing from the tip
of the handle
Enkili CN Chaos, luck, sailors,
storms, trickery
Chaos (protean), Liberation (freedom),
Luck (curse, fate), Trickery (deception), Water (oceans),
Weather (storms)
Flail, heavy flail A sky blue actor’s
mask with lightning
descending from the
Hedrada LN Civilization, foundations,
justice, knowledge,
law, wealth,
Community (home), Earth (metal),
Knowledge (memory, thought), Law (inevitable),
Protection, Rune (language, wards)
Greathammer, warhammer A stylized greathammer
with a face on
either head
Madriel NG Compassion, healing,
home, motherhood,
redemption, sky, sun
Air (wind), Community (family),
Good (agathion), Healing (restoration, resurrection),
Repose (souls), Sun (day, light)
Longspear, spear A spearhead pointing
upward, with a tassel
of peacock feathers
Tanil CG Animals, freedom,
good fortune, hunting,
victims, wilderness
Animal (feather, fur), Liberation (freedom),
Luck (fate), Plant (growth), Travel (exploration),
Trickery (deception)
Any bow (except
Three parallel arrows
of bronze, the middle
one pointing opposite
the outer two
Vangal CE Bloodshed, destruction,
disaster, famine,
Chaos (demon), Death (murder),
Destruction (catastrophe, rage), Evil (demon),
Strength (ferocity), War (blood)
Battleaxe, handaxe A cloven grey shield
dripping blood
against a midnight
blue field


Minor Deities Alignment Portfolio Domains Weapon Symbol
Drendari CN Thieves, rogues,
Chaos, Darkness (night),
Liberation, Trickery (thievery)
Short sword The silhouette of a left
hand against a grey
Erias CN Dreams, prophecy Chaos, Knowledge (memory, thought),
Madness, Magic
Dagger A stylized white crescent
moon surrounded
by eight stars
Goran LG Burok Torn, dwarves,
stewardship, strength
Artifice (toil), Good (archon), Law (archon),
Strength (resolve)
Greataxe Two silver axes, heads
facing opposite,
against a russet field
Hwyrdd N Halflings, protection,
Liberation (revolution), Luck, Protection (defense),
Travel (trade)
Longsword An acorn against a
green field
Idra CG Culture, fertility, healing,
secrets, sexuality
Community, Charm (love, lust),
Healing (restoration), Knowledge (memory)
light mace A golden grail with
a dagger in it, point
Manawe CN Music, oceans, sea
Chaos (protean), Charm, Travel (exploration, trade),
Water (ice, oceans)
trident The “Seaclaw”: the
stylized head of a
trident against a blue
Nathalos LE Dier Drendal, drendali,
Artifice (construct), Evil (devil), Law (devil),
Magic (Arcane)
Spiked gauntlet A wavy black serpent
with a stinger on its
Nemorga N Communion, death,
portals, underworld
Community (home), Death,
Knowledge (memory), Repose (ancestors, souls)
Longsword A closed book with a
sheathed sword as a
Sethris NE Hidden things, poison,
revenge, spiders
Animal (fur), Darkness (night),
Death (murder), Evil
Short sword A wavy silver dagger
against a white
spiderweb on a black
Syhana NG Clouds, fair weather,
fey, rainbows
Air (cloud), Charm (love), Good (agathion),
Weather (seasons)
rapier A rainbow against a
blue sky


Gods And Domains

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