Alignment: Neutral

Portfolio: Halflings, protection, roads

Domains: Liberation, Luck, Protection, Travel

Weapon: long sword

Symbol: An acorn against a green field

According to the rare halfling priests, who keep the
stories of Hwyrdd and tell them late into the night to lighten
the troubles of their people, the halfling god was born of a
union between Denev and the god Elnkili. Certainly the wee Rogue combines a natural
love for the earth with a strong mischievous streak.

The halfling race is often severely abused in the lands of Scarn, especially in Ghelspad, where noble dwarves disdain them as weak and evil humans like
King Virduk seek to enslave them.
Nevertheless, the lighthearted people who follow Hwyrdd seem strong spirited and fearless in the face of adversity. While they desire nothing more than peace. others seem determined to keep them from it.

It is possibly every halfling youth's dream to follow
in his god's footsteps. Some might think to overcome
King Virduk with some crafty ploy such as Hwyrdd
concocted when he led Kadum on a merry chase,
dodging boulders the size of mountains with ease,
before that titan fell to Vangal, Chardun and Belsameth.
Other young ones think to bring down one of the
villainous king's warriors with a single stone as the
Rogue once did to a mighty storm spirit of Gulaben that
ravaged his people's fields. Older halflings usually abandon
such dreams as foolish and dangerous, but none
ever truly lose the spark of life that causes them to
continue to find joy in the best that life can offer the

Militant halfling heroes like Orzu are
regarded with a combination of amusement and respect,
seen as the true followers of their god yet reckless
beyond all wisdom.
The faithful priests of Hwyrdd tell of the pleasant fields
and dales that await them in the promised lands once they
pass from thisworld. Here they promise that all of the plenty
Denev could possibly provide to her son awaits them, from
the most fragrant of spices to the most delicious of food and
wines. Certaainly the wee Rogue seems to have servants of sorts
who are oddly suggestive of his mother's blessing.



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