Rika (Small city)


Population: 22,000 (Human 74%, Dwarf 6%, Halfling 6%, Elf 5%, Orc 3%, Slitheren 2%, Other 4%)
Government: Commander Eksek Indell (human male); Being the capital of the Liaris province, Rika hosts the province's Central Commander who governs the city with the assistance of a council made up of district commanders.
Languages: Veshian
Religion: Madriel, Tanil
Currency: Gold Shila (2 gp), Silver Gema (2 sp), Copper Dozi (3 cp)
Resources: wheat, craft goods, dairy, leather goods

Rika (22,000) is the hub city in a vast region dedicated to farming; the city is surrounded by mile upon mile of green or gold fields divided by well-kept roads and slow-moving canals fed by the local Kinswain River which flows from the north and meanders through the Liaris and Pellin regions before emptying into the Mourning Marshes at the village of Aquitaine. Rika houses a large outdoor amphitheater in the city’s Huntress Park, which is lined by wild hedges and bronzed sculptures of the nation’s finest bards and storytellers.

While it has a rustic reputation, Rika is a cultural hotbed, though not to the grand and lavish extent of Lave. Theaters in Rika are less grandiose and opulent, but the talent of the performers are on par with what can be found in the nation’s capital. Rikan musicians seems to favor the winded instruments and some of the best crafters of flutes, coronets and other wind instruments in the whole continent can be found in Rika.

Rika also has a good number of black smiths and the city is even more appreciated for its smiths than it is for its makers of musical instruments. The city has dozens of master craftsmen; so many that each chooses a specialty and makes nothing save this type of item. Sword-makers will turn down the offer to shape a mace or shoe a horse and crafters of fine helms would balk at the idea of crafting a shield or breastplate, just as crafters who forge fine lattice-work or silver goblets would send off a patron requesting they forge a weapon of war.

Rika has two large market-squares, on within the city proper and one just beyond her walls. The in-market is a place where craftsmen, particularly smiths or their families, gather to pedal their wares outside of their crafting houses. Here can be found a dizzying array of wood and metal-goods for sale ranging from great swords to delicate jewelry of silver and gold. The Out-Market caters to the buying and selling of agricultural goods; animals, leather goods, corn, wheat beers etc. Anything whose source is livestock or the land is usually sold in the out-market.

Rika is well known for her story-teller’s Faire which takes place every three years during the first month of Summer. Folk come from all across the nation – bards, farmers, bartenders, shepherds – anyone who can spin a yarn, gather in Huntress Park where storytelling duels last into the wee hours of the morning. By Landsday at the end of the month, one of these storytellers will leave the city with a bronze harp, a miniature representation of Tanil’s Harp, which is a twelve foot tall harp formed of solid bronze with silvered strings that rests in the center of Rika’s Town Hall. Engraved on the granite tiles of the floor surrounding the harp are the names of the finest storytellers from festivals passed. It is said that representatives from the local community vote on the 12 best storytellers throughout the month. One by one these storytellers approach Tanil’s Harp and tell the story of their lives – the harp’s strings will sound clearly for one of these twelve, in this way, it is said, Tanil chooses her favorite teller of stories and the year’s winner is named.

Rika's outer wall is ringed by The Park of the Huntress. This stretch of green land was once fortified and manned by the city's defenders. Today the moats, watch towers and trenches have been re-claimed by nature and are now duck ponds, over grown ruins or briar patches. New structures, particularly bridges and open-aired amphitheaters, have been crafted to blend in with the picturesque ruins and remnants of the city's past that make this region a favorite place for citizens to spend a day out of doors during the warmer months of the year.

At this time of the year in Rika the people flock to the comfort and warmth of the indoors; being a culture of storytellers and musicians, this is likely the best time of year to visit Rika as there isn’t a hearth or fire-pit within the entire city that does not host some manner entertainer who keeps the chill of the coming Winter at bay with tales or tunes that stave away the cold, dark hours of the night and bring smiles, cheers and laughter to those who gather.

Rika (Small city)

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