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The New Calendar: The years of the New Calendar are noted as “AV,” or “After Victory.” Year One of the New Calendar marks the Remaking of the World by the gods. The New Calendar is the current calendar; the current year is 150AV. It is divided into 16 months, each honoring two aspects of the eight divinities.

The four months of spring are as follows:
Corot – The month of strength, particularly that returning to the land after winter
Tanot -The month for hunting
Enkilot – The month of storms
Belot – The month of death, particularly those newborn that fail to endure

The four months of summer are as follows:
Chardot -The month of war
Madrot – The month of the radiant sun
Hedrot – The month of wealth
Vangalot – The month of disasters

The four months of autumn are as follows:
Charder – The month of servitude
Madrer – The month of harvest
Enker – The month of travel
Corer – The month of crafting

The four months of winter are as follows:
Taner – The month of good fortune
Belsamer – The month of darkness
Hedrer – The month of protection
Vanger – The month of pestilence

There are eight days to the normal week: Corday, Madraday, Taniday, Hedraday, Wildday, Charday, Belsaday and Vanday. The last week of each month holds the extra day of Denday, sometimes called Landday, to honor Denev. Two weeks of eight days and one week of nine days comprise the 25 days of each month.

Skarn Calendar

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