Squad Assignment (Acernoth)


Finishing your month of downtime, your squads return to Amalthea for a brief stay before being sent on the road once more. Winter has arrived, a thin blanket of snow covers the ground now; the air is crisp and frosty and travel on foot is slow going as even the road is bogged down in the occasional snow drift.

Generally even vigils would not be sent directly back into a hostile winter, but these are desperate times. The information gathered over the last month by your squads and by Amalthean druids and scouts has the Amalthean council of elders concerned enough to form a war council. This newly formed council of war includes a representative from the Vigils of Vesh. Vigil-lieutenant Ilum agrees fully with the war council that danger is coming to the Amalthean Valley, and it has likely arrived already.

Amalthean druids will be taking to animal form reach out to allies in the Ganjus Forest and at Bloodhollow, but giving the weather conditions it is uncertain how long before these allies can send help – if they have any to give at all. The council of war has decided to go forward under the assumption that Amalthea is on her own, therefore their most reliable source of scouts remain you – the vigils of Vesh.

Based on information the war council possesses, there are four objectives, one for each vigilant squad. A quick refresher as to which squad you belong to:

Beltanian I or First Beltanian: Alton and Skorn

Beltanian II or Second Beltanian: Kradug

Acernoth: Chutnik

Metyrian: Mac Gregor


River Patrol


Overview: The Ramshorn River bisects the Valley north of Amalthea, flowing in whitewater rapids out of the Kelders and surging on a westerly course before disappearing into the Ganjus Forest. Many citizens of Amalthea see the Ramshorn as the unofficial boundary of Amalthean influence and oversight in the region, but there is enough traffice beyond the Ramshorn that Amalthea sees to the upkeep of a covered bridge that spans the river's surging waters.

The road winds beyond the Ramshorn and will eventually bring travelers to the northern reaches of the Ganjus Forest where trade with the elves occur on a regular basis; and there are scattered settlements north of the river, small clusters of humans, halflings or even orcs who prefer these untamed wilds to even nature-friendly cities such as Amalthea.

Assignment: With trouble likely on the horizon the Amalthean council of war asks two things of the Acernoth Vigil: First, they request the vigil seek out known settlements north of the Ramshorn and strongly urge these independent and isolated folk to head south – if not to the regions directly around the city, at least south of the Ramshorn waters.

Second: Monitor and defend the Ramshorn bridge. Advise any travelers to remain south of this boundary, patrol the river's snowy banks for signs of crossings and, as a last resort, destroy the bridge if a dangerous force of ill approaches. It is vital to Amalthea's defense that word of any hostiles reach the war council as quickly as possible. To aid in this the council has outfitted the Acernoth squad with the means to contact the city magically.

Squad gear: Feather token (bird) (Gossenite), 3 potions of endure elements (Chutnik x2, Derra), wand of alarm (50) (Gossenite), 2 potions of water walk (Chutnik, Werfosemar), scroll Unseen cartographer (Gossenite).


Squad Assignment (Acernoth)

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